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This is the Helsinki Cathedral (Lutheran).

Left of the Cathedral is Finland’s National Library.

I did not bother take a picture because it is covered in construction mesh for renovation. The National Library’s main building will reopen in January.

If one wants to do research with original Russian books, magazines and other sources, one is more likely to end up here, than in Russia.

Finland’s National Library is home to the world’s largest Russian/Slavic collection, because the Soviet Communists destroyed mass quantities of books in Russia and the Soviet Union in their efforts to rewrite history. The Russian Civil War and World War II also destroyed massive numbers of books in the Soviet Union.

The Librarian in the Finland’s National Library was extremely friendly and helpful. She invited us to come back when they reopen the newly renovated main building.

Finland remains one of my favorite places – great people, a great country, prosperous, clean, tech savvy, helpful, and friendly. What more could one want (well maybe warmer weather).

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Daniel Molyneux in front of Helsinki’s Cathedral